Stationery Corner – Diaries and Planners

Stationery corner - diaries and planners

Something I love about a new year is a brand new planner and diary. I’m usually itching to write down those New Year’s resolutions and goals and start planning weekends away to visit new places or catch up with friends and family.

There are a tonne of gorgeous diaries and planners out there, that I have to confess, I usually end up buying a few because I can’t decide which one I prefer. I usually have one diary for my business and one for the rest of my life! A planner allows me to write down goals and objectives and the diary to remember appointments and dates with friends.

With so many out there, today I thought I share my thoughts on why having a diary and planner is a positive thing.

Reduces stress / a bit like “a problem shared is a problem halved”, writing it down is a very therapeutic way of helping you to stop stressing about it. It also encourages you to focus on that goal and get it ticked off the list!

Availability / by scheduling in when you need to get a job down or booking in that date with your best friend, you get a clearer idea of how much availability you have and therefore end up setting more realistic goals.

Keeps you focused / you are more likely to achieve those objectives if you’ve scheduled them in, rather than the old phrase of mañana, mañana – putting it off until tomorrow when it never gets done. It is a sure-fire way to keep you disciplined with the goals you want to achieve.

Staying organised / it’s simple but true, writing those appointments and deadlines down really does help you keep organised and in turn reduce your stress levels.

Memories / as well as keeping organised and achieving goals, a diary and planner is a lovely way to keep memories, whether you write them down, or use them to keep that ticket stub or a photo in. You’ll look back over them in years to come, with fond thoughts.


Are you a planner and diary type person? What do you love about them?





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