How to DIY An Instagram Print For Your Wall: DIY Instagram Prints

How to DIY An Instagram Print For Your Wall


I’ll hold my hands up; I hardly ever get prints of my photos made these days. All the memories of a great day out with friends or a family reunion usually get lost in the depths of my hard drive or hidden in the dark corners of my Instagram feed! It’s such a shame that we don’t celebrate photos and memories as much as we used to. DIY Instagram prints

Sure you could get your photos printed and store them all in photo albums like the days of yore, but even doing this has it’s downfalls – first of all it take absolutely ages to file all your photos away into a book and secondly once you’ve popped the book on your shelf it gets as easily forgotten about as when you file your photos away digitally.



What Next?

I recently invested in a photo printer so I could print all my photos off at home and have physical copies of them and after a lot of research I opted to get the Epson Expression XP-960 photo printer and their free app for iPhone, ‘Creative Print’ by Epson.

Creative Print has an option to make a collage and you can literally make as many different combinations, shapes and sizes as you could possibly think of. I opted for the 12 square print because it was perfect for my Instagrams and the best part is you can connect your Instagram account through the app and download your pictures just with a couple of clicks.

I printed my 12 square print out onto A3 glossy photo paper and framed it using a simple IKEA frame – the whole piece was super low cost for such a great result and now I’m thinking of making these for all my friends too!

If you wanted you could use the same technique, but instead trim down all your squares to use them in a photo album. The best part about being able to print your photos at home is you can try as many different ways of printing and displaying your photos as you can think of!


Happy snapping! Don’t forget to share your results with us on social media!

DIY Instagram prints


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