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I don’t know about you but I’m feeling like spring is finally in the air! Buds are showing on the trees; blossom petals are everywhere and I’ve spotted lots of beautiful patches of daffodils when I’m out and about. With that in mind I’m keen to move on from winter activities and try my hand at some spring projects instead. Here are just a few that I’m going to have a go at.

Flower pressing

Spring is the key time for flowers coming into bloom. Their colours, patterns and textures are adorning wild meadows, garden borders and being added to pretty vases. Pressing flowers allows you to hold on to spring when it has passed by looking back at all those buds, leaves and petals you collected. You can also use them in art and craft projects, such as creating floral themed greeting cards or even including them in a painting to give a bit of texture. Pressing them is easy with either an actual flower press or by popping them in the middle of heavy book and leaving them in your airing cupboard.

Tree spotting

I love trees and when I was younger I knew the names of them all but I’m so rusty on them these days. To help me get back up to speed, I’m planning to go out with a book on trees and my sketch pad and draw them. Not only will this help me to remember their names but as a fan of both nature and drawing, this will be a fun spring activity!

Soap making

I always associate spring with fresh, natural smells. Maybe it’s due to being able to put laundry on the line or that smell of freshly cut grass. There’s something very refreshing about this time of year and so, I thought I’d try a craft that echoes that and is something that I’ve never made before, soap making. Have you given it a go?

What spring activities will you be trying your hand at? We’d love to hear, so please do share your spring craft ideas with all of us at Simple Stylish Makes on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.

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